You cannot make an informed decision if you are not informed.

Thank you for visiting the Horrigan Sports Chiropractic and Soft Tissue Center at DISC web site.   Our purpose is to derive an accurate diagnosis and inform our patients all of their treatment options with the likely benefit and detriment of each option.   We may be able to provide the care for some of the options to help patients improve their pain and function, or we may need to refer the patient to other forms of care.  This will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

This facility is a chiropractic sports medicine and rehabilitation facility.  Dr. Joseph Horrigan joined a new multi-disciplinary group known as Diagnostic and Interventional Spinal/Sports Care (D.I.S.C.).  D.I.S.C. is a 65,000 square foot facility in Marina del Rey, CA, and has 22 physicians in the group. A 30,000 square foot D.I.S.C. facility is also located in Newport Beach, CA. The conservative care provided by the Soft Tissue Center at DISC includes neuromusculoskeletal diagnosis, soft tissue mobilization, joint mobilization and manipulation, rehabilitation including MedX spine rehab, acupuncture and oriental medicine, and nutritional consultation.

The Soft Tissue Center has often been referred to as “the best kept secret in sports” due to our reputation for deriving accurate diagnoses and obtaining results in difficult cases, as well as returning athletes to play quickly.

Process of History and Diagnosis

Treatment is of course, based upon a diagnosis.  The first step of a diagnosis is the history.  It is often stated in health care that the history is eighty percent of the diagnosis.  One hour, or more if needed, is allocated for the history and physical examination at the Soft Tissue Center.  After the examination is completed, a diagnosis is derived, treatment begins unless additional testing is indicated prior to initiating treatment.  Referrals for additional testing may be indicated and if so, may include:

  • electrodiagnostic tests(electromyography or EMG, nerve conduction velocity or
  • NCV, F-wave, etc.).
  • diagnostic imaging  (x-rays of the injured region, MRI, MR arthrogram, CT scan, bone scan,  spect bone scan, MR neurography, MR angiography, bone density, etc.).
  • lab tests as indicated.

Appropriate referrals to other health care professionals are based upon the data gathered in the history, physical exams and tests.  The referral may be to an orthopedic surgeon, neurosurgeon, neurologist, physiatrist (physical medicine), internist, rheumatologist, pain management specialist, vascular radiologist, dentist, psychologist, acupuncture or physical therapist.

The sports medicine background for the Soft Tissue Center staff is significant.  Drs. Horrigan, Tunnell, Velasquez, Grasmeyer, Summers and Watters have achieved the highest level of chiropractic sports medicine.

You can find a much more in-depth description of our services under the “Services” tab in this site.