The Soft Tissue has excelled at the rehabilitation of athletic injuries and post-operative patients.

Most neck and low back pain patients are candidates for a very high-tech form of rehabilitation known as MedX.  MedX was designed in the 1980’s to isolate and strengthen the neck and back muscles.   The low back and neck unit stabilize the patient in the unit during the strengthening session.   The range of motion and the force that is exerted on each repetition is tracked and logged by the MedX computer.  The success of MedX is so high that it is now also manufactured in Germany.  When patients are injured in the work environment in Germany, they will include MedX in their rehabilitation to return to work because MedX rehabilitated patients have better pain scores, better disability scores, and fewer missed days of work.

Strengthening of other muscles for low back pain and neck pain are performed as well.  Hip and abdominal muscle strengthening can add further improved function for these patients.

The extensive experience of the Soft Tissue Center doctors with the shoulder, elbow, hip and knee injuries in elite athletes has created functional and effective rehabilitation programs of strengthening, flexibility and balance.   The success of these programs helps the young athletes, high-level recreational athletes and weekend athletes as well as post-operative cases.

The doctors at the Soft Tissue Center at DISC are board-certified in chiropractic sports medicine and have certifications or significant experience in strength and conditioning.  This background are ideal for rehabilitation.   We also have a Strength and Conditioning Coaches Hall of Fame coach who works with many of our athletes to help them transition from rehabilitation to their return to sports training.   This coach is Doc Kreis.

The doctors at the Soft Tissue Center can take you from your first visit with a history and clinical examination to your final diagnosis and can rehabilitate your injury and transition to sports training.

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