7-Minute Rotator Cuff Solution

7-min-rotater-cuffNo matter how carefully you train—it can happen to you!  Look around the gym. Chances are you’ll see someone favoring a shoulder. Sooner or later it could be you.

Almost everyone who trains—no matter how carefully — experiences some form of rotator cuff injury during a lifetime of physical activity. Any of these injuries could permanently end a workout career. But most can be prevented.

The 7-Minute Rotator Cuff Solution is a quick, simple program to help prevent (or help you recover from) rotator cuff injuries. It details how the shoulder works, what can go wrong and why, and describes exactly what to do (and not do) to insure against the risk of shoulder problems developing in the first place. Drawing from the latest scientific research, The 7-Minute Rotator Cuff Solution offers a new approach to prevention unlike any every published. Created by Dr. Joseph Horrigan, director of the Soft Tissue Center in Los Angeles, and Jerry Robinson, president and research director of Health For Life.

You can go on-line to home-gym.com and select “Books” and then select “Health and Fitness” to find the book.  You can also call 800-447-0008 ext 1 to purchase the book.