Resolution of a groin injury in a professional hockey player by soft tissue mobilization: A case report.

Horrigan JM.  Chiropractic Sports Medicine, 1992, Volume 6, Number 4:151-154.

The growth of professional ice hockey has lead to a subsequent growth in the participation of hockey at amateur levels and this has lead to an increase in it associated injuries, particularly groin injury.  Groin injury has a broad definition that includes strains of the hip adductor group, iliopsoas, and rectus femoris, and tears of the internal oblique and peripheral nerve entrapments.  Once the correct criteria have been determined to give the diagnosis, treatment follows to return the player to the lineup.  However, many of the types of groin strain do not respond favorably to the standard modalities or joint manipulation.  Soft tissue mobilization can be utilized to address the injury in a more complete method that is specific to the soft  tissue injury tin the groin region.  This will allow the doctor of chiropractic to address and resolve this injury that is being seen on an increasing frequency.