Hemopoietic hyperplasia in a world class runner

Horrigan JM, Semel RH.  Chiropractic Sports Medicine, 1992, Volume 6, Number 3:102-104.

Hematopoietic hyperplasia is found in routine MR scans of the adult knee.  Further study has shown this finding appears in two primary groups: middle aged, overweight, smoking females and overtrained athetes.  The appearance of the hematopoietic hyperplasia on MR can create a confusing diagnosis for the inexperienced radiologist, which can tragically affect an athletes’ training schedule due to the altered clinical management by the doctor of chiropractic secondary to the erroneous informtion.  This is a case of incidental finding of hemaopoietic hyperplasia being misinterpreted on MR as trabecular microfractures and large effusion in the joint in the case of knee strain in a world class track athlete with an incidental bone marrow finding.