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D.I.S.C. (Diagnostic and Interventional Spinal/Sports Care)
D.I.S.C. is a multi-disciplinary integrated medical practice. There are 22 partners in this group including specialties in spine neurosurgery, orthopedic spine surgery, orthopedic extremity surgery, chiropractic and manual therapies, physical medicine and rehabilitation, acute and chronic pain management, addiction, acupuncture, nutrition, performance psychology, athletic training, and rehabilitation. There are two locations: a 65,000 square foot facility in Marina del Rey which encompasses clinic and administration space as well as a state-of-the-art surgical suite. Mink Radiologic Imaging provides MRI, CT and x-ray for D.I.S.C. There is a 10,000 square foot satellite office in Beverly Hills as well. D.I.S.C. began in 2007 by the Founder and forrmer Director of the Institute for Spinal Disorders at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Robert S. Bray, Jr., MD.  D.I.S.C. is the Official Medical Center for Red Bull North America, the Los Angeles Kings, Los Angeles Clippers, USA Volleyball and the Association of Volleyball Professionals.

D.I.S.C. Sports and Spine Newport Beach

American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians
The ACBSP is the board that that provides certification in sports medicine via written tests, practical tests, field experience and a publishable paper.  This board is responsible for tracking continuing education.  A list of sports medicine certified doctors is available on the website as are position papers and upcoming test dates.

Mink Radiologic Imaging
Jerrold Mink, MD is often described as the leading musculoskeletal radiologist. Dr. Mink maintains a practice in Beverly Hills, and Marina del Rey, CA. Dr. Mink is the co-author of several radiology textbooks and has been published 66 times in professional journals.

MRI Safety
Frank Shellock, PhD, FACSM has developed a website to address MRI safety concerns. Dr. Shellock is a researcher who is published 178 times in professional journals. His work in MRI, physiology, cardiology and sports medicine is renowned.

David Campion, MD earned degrees in medicine, biophysics, and pharmacology. He ran the muscular dystrophy clinic at UCLA. He was trained in electrodiagnostic medicine at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN and he returned from this to be the Director of Electrodiagnostic Medicine at UCLA. Dr. Campion was awarded a National Institute of Health Fellowship doing research in nephrology and muscle electrophysiology at Southwestern Medical School in Dallas, Texas. Dr. Campion has performed over 68,000 EMG’s over the last 30 years.  Dr. Campion recently retired but his website is being maintained by the Soft Tissue Center as a wonderful educational tool for patients to understand nerve tests.

G. Douglas Andersen, DC, DACBSP, Certified Clinical Nutritionist Dr. Andersen is has written a nutrition column since 1990 in Dynamic Chiropractic. These columns are archived on this website. Dr. Andersen provides nutritional counseling to athletes and patients ranging from elite Olympic athletes in volleyball and track and field, NFL and NHL players, and patients recovering from injuries and surgery. Dr. Andersen advice is science based and he excels at supporting his advice with published literature.

Metro Athletic Club is a track club in Vancouver, British Columbia. Derek Hansen serves as the Head Coach of the Metro Athletic Club, Strength and Conditioning Advisor for Simon Fraser University, Course Conductor for the National Coaching Institute (Canada), Strength and Conditioning Consultant for Canadian Women’s Softball and Canadian Men’s Field Hockey.

Chikara Sports


IRONMAN Magazine is one of the most popular weight training magazines. This was owned by Peary Rader for decades. John Balik and Mike Neveux bought the magazine in the 1980’s and placed Steve Holman as Editor. Joseph Horrigan wrote the Sports Medicine Column for IRONMAN from 1989 to 1999 and resumed in the March 2004 issue.

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