A nationally known Certified Clinical Nutritionist, Dr. Douglas Andersen, provides nutritional consultation for the Soft Tissue Center.  Dr. Andersen is an evidence-based nutritional consultant and is immensely well versed in the published literature regarding nutrition and sports performance-related nutritional studies.

Dr. Horrigan used Dr. Andersen’s nutritional guidance for elite professional and Olympic athletes.  Dr. Andersen was the Team Nutritionist for the Los Angeles Kings from 1999 – 2002 and also was the Team Nutritionist for the IHL team, the Long Beach Ice Dogs from 1996 – 2003.  Dr. Andersen consulted with the Green Bay Packers in 1998 regarding dehydration in cold weather.  He has served as a consultant for actors and actresses that needed to lose or gain weight.  The films Dr. Horrigan asked Dr. Andersen for his nutrition guidance include The Skeleton Key, Things We Lost in the Fire, Che – The Argentine, Che – Guerilla, The Lovely Bones, The Hunger Games and Paradise Lost.

Dr. Andersen continues to write the Nutrition Column in a periodical, Dynamic Chiropractic, and has done so since 1990.  When Dr. Andersen presents Nutritional Updates at conferences it is usually an audience that is filled to capacity.

Patients who benefit from Dr. Andersen’s sound advice include those who need to lose weight for their overall health, and those who have low back pain who would benefit from weight loss.    Dr. Andersen has developed a superior skill set of finding the reasons for the weight gain.  As he often states, “Patients tend to underestimate and under report the food they eat.  They aren’t trying to hide it and they aren’t lying about it.  They simply don’t recall, or they don’t consider, some of the small snacks that quickly add up to many calories and subsequent weight gain”.   The weight loss can help reduce blood pressure and blood sugar.  Many patients don’t realize how much sodium is in their diets despite their best efforts to lose weight.  The high sodium intake can keep their blood pressure elevated.

Nutrition fads are reported in the media on a regular basis.  There is always some new idea that takes the country by a storm only to be another fad that failed, and to be replaced by yet another fad.  Dr. Andersen is so well versed in the published professional literature that he finds the original source of information of the fad diet. He carefully analyzes the original source to reveal the truth and the exaggerations that have been made.  This analysis and information can help the patient get back to healthy, sound choices through valid information.

Athletes often need to optimize their nutritional intake.  In their efforts to succeed, they often duplicate supplements, which can be a waste of time and money.  Dr. Andersen always wants to see, or at least see the labels, of all supplements any athlete, or non-athlete, is taking.   Athletes in hard training can learn about proper timing of supplements, protein, carbohydrates and the critical importance of avoiding dehydration.  All of this is research and evidence-based, and experience-based advice.

Some athletes need to gain weight for their sport.  Again, there are very sound ways to increase weight.  This is typically supported by an excellent strength and conditioning program design.

Dr. Andersen can provide these services for you either in person or via the telephone.  If you have a telephone conference, you can fax or scan and e-mail a questionnaire, and copies of the labels of the vitamins and supplements you may already be taking prior to the consultation.